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6911 King George Blvd. Surrey, B.C., Canada V3W 5A1

Phone: 604-599-3677 | Fax: 604-592-3004

Charitable Registration Number: 80569 0690 RR 0001


WHAT WE CAN DO: Caring men and women in developing countries have established small orphanages and do the best they can to provide for abandoned and helpless orphans.

These orphanages are desperately poor. The children are glad to have a home, but are undernourished and always hungry. At times there are small donations from local churches and well-wishers, but no committed long-term support. This forces the caregivers to work at night or beg for food to support these destitute children.

Lift the Children searches for these struggling orphanages and provides them with long-term financial support. We then connect individuals, families, and businesses to be their sponsors.

Our ultimate goal is to help each orphanage become self-sufficient and to encourage and educate each child to reach their full potential.

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: 100% of all donations go to the children.

This is made possible by grants from the John Volken Foundation, which pays for all overhead costs such as wages, rent, insurance, travel, fund-raising, etc.


#1 YOUR OWN ORPHANAGE: For just $200 - $500 a month, you can sponsor an entire orphanage and develop a meaningful and direct relationship with the children.

Imagine how it will make you feel.

Imagine how proud your family will be.

Imagine how your customers will respond.

Imagine how people will take an interest in the things of God.

#2 SUPPORT THE BUILDING FUND: Lift the Children is raising $4 Million to build a vocational school in Nairobi Kenya for our brightest children from over 100 orphanages.

Imagine helping nurture and train the leaders of the future.

#3 MAKE A ONE TIME CONTRIBUTION: We rely on generous gifts to fund special projects such as kitchens, playgrounds, classrooms, and for the many emergency requests from our orphanages.

Imagine providing a future of opportunities.

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