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Serving God and bringing the Church to a closer relationship with Jesus - Yeshua through a reverent expression of Worship, Prayer, and bringing the Church as the Body of Jesus-Christ as a Brand-New Man before God.


Equipping the believers with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to carry the Gospel of Jesus - Yeshua with Power to the nations.



  • With the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit to take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and sharing the Love of Jesus - Yeshua with all nations, tribes, people(s), and tongue.

  • To express a deep desire to be in the Presence of God and to share with others the plan of Salvation of Jesus - Yeshua.

  • To practice and teach the obedience for the New Commandment of Loving God and Jesus - Yeshua and our neigh-bour(s) as ourselves, so the World would know that we are His disciples.

  • Always praying for healing and reconciliation in the Church, family and the cultures and nations on the planet earth.

  • Preparing, Spiritually, the Church of Jesus - Yeshua, for the return of Christ.

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