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Two Masters - God & Money                                30 October 2017

Submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ: No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matt. 6:24 NLT


The idea or concept behind the two masters, of either God or money, is, that our heart must be physically empowered or moved more to the worship or love of God than the worship or love of money. Seems like a good problem to have no matter which way you look at it because there is great gain in godliness and there is the pure delight of intimacy with Christ. A good litmus test, is to see if you will love worshiping God, even if there seems to be no monetary reward gained directly through godliness. A fair understanding of worship of God, is where we will utilize all our strength to worship, love and adore, or serve God. In other words we must be completely spent emotionally, physically, mentally or even financially just to gain an opportunity to worship God wholeheartedly. When we experience this or when we walk in this knowledge and understanding, we can really prove our love for God. In reality, it boils down to a decision that we must make. A decision that cannot be influenced by any other person, place or thing: A heart completely devoted to, and set free in Christ. Ultimately, this is all, we as believers, ever wanted: an opportunity to find and obtain true love of God.

The key is, however, and we have all heard it said: "Time Is Money!" Well, the only thing as important to God, other than how, why, when, who, and where we make money, is our time spent! God makes it very clear that, in His Word, there is a Time & a Season for everything under the sun. So, naturally, we all are interested in making money, because of it's obvious benefits of integrity, however, the key to success in money is to know when the season or time to make money is finished and when it will reappear again! This is a spiritual law in the Word of God, that is very dynamic and intrinsic or interesting-intriguing, for the reason, we can look in and out of eternity at various moments when money and it's related experiences or circumstances can become proffitable, simply by keeping in step with Spiritual laws of Liberties, and Freedoms in our stewardship of heavenly resources.

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